Pnr Status

Introduction to Check PNR Status.

Introduction To PNR.

The full abbreviation of PNR is Passenger Name Record. In short it is called as PNR number. This is number given by the Indian railways when a passenger purchase the ticket from Indian railway ticket counter. This PNR number is used to check whether the train ticket is confirmed to the passenger or not to travel to their destinations. In Indian railways there is a central database with all the PNR number issued to their passengers when they purchase tickets and this PNR number is the recorded in their Computer Reservation system database. The PNR contains the following details.

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Gender
  4. Train number
  5. Journey class
  6. Berth preference
  7. Departure city
  8. Arrival city
  9. No of passenger and their names

Your Railway Ticket contains your PNR number. When you purchase the ticket from Indian railways ticket counters, on the ticket top left corner you will find the PNR number. It’s a 10 digit unique number allotted to each passenger when the ticket is purchased. The format of the PNR number is 3 and 7 digits(123-4567890). But in case if you purchase your ticket online, then the display of your PNR number on the ticket is completely different.

Check your PNR status :

There are many ways to check your PNR status. You can check it online or even offline you can check your PNR status. Online is the best way and easiest way to check PNR status online but if you don’t have internet availability then its bit hard to get your status. Below mentioned the ways to check PNR status online.

  1. Online Website : There are many websites all over the web to check your ticket status. I mentioned below list of websites which helps you

  1. Offline methods : you can get your status by sending the SMS to railway Department with your PNR number. There are two SMS service numbers provided by railway department for the convenient of passengers. I given a example below to get the status of your PNR number.

Example 1 :  PNR < PNR NUMBER > to 139.

You need to create a message in your mobile with PNR 1234567890 and sent it to 139. In reply you get your status.

Example 2 : PNR < PNR NUMBER > to 5676747

This is another SMS service, Here also same like Example 1. You need to send an message with PNR 1234567890 and send it to 5676747. You get your status in reply from railway department.


  1. Mobile App : Now a days mobile applications are playing an important role. There are many mobile applications related to PNR enquiry. You can download the mobile app from Play store, Apple Store and windows store. You need to install the app and you need have the internet connection to your mobile to check your PNR status.


  1. Enquiry Counter at Railway Stations : You can also get the PNR status from Railway booking counters. You can go to the nearest railway station to you and you can ask the ticket issuer in the ticket counter or you may find the enquiry counter to check your PNR status.
  1. Chart Prepared at Railway station : This is the final way to know your PNR status. You will check this from the railway station. There will be a chart which is printed and pasted at the railway station platforms. You need to check that chart before 2 hours of departure to see whether your PNR is confirmed or not.


It’s very important to know the Status Response Code when you are checking online for your PNR status. With these status codes only you need to confirm whether you can travel with your ticket or not.
WL (waiting list)
RAC (reservatin against cancellation)
RLWL Remote Location Wait List
PQWL Pooled Quota Wait List
CAN/MOD Cancelled or Modified Passenger
Regret/WL No More Modified Passenger
R##RAC Coach Number Berth Number
ReleasedTicket Not cancelled but Alternative Accommodation provided
Sl sleeper class
3A AC 3 Tier
3E AC 4 Tier Economy
2S Second class
FC first class
2A AC 2-tier Sleeper
1A First Class AC
GN general quota
DF defence quota
CK tatkal quota
SS travelling Alone Female Quota(this is above 45 years of age only) or Senior Citizen quota
LD Ladies quota
HP physically handicapped quota